Alaskan Shed

I bought a new truck and wanted to keep it under cover in the barn, so I built a (10×15) shed for the Alaskan. It now awaits its next excursion on its dedicated trailer in its dedicated shed.

And here’s why the Alaskan had to leave the comfort of the barn…

Trip West

In May, we took a trip out west for a little sight-seeing.  We made reservations for the trip out, but stayed at some non-reservable park campgrounds once we got out there. Our cheapest site was Desert View Campground at Grand Canyon National Park – $6/night (with our America the Beautiful pass).

Meteor Crater, AZ

Grand Canyon from Desert View

Got snowed in one day at the Grand Canyon

Monument Valley, AZ

A look back, leaving Monument Valley

Goose Island Campground on the Colorado River, Moab, UT

Heading into Arches National Park – get there early to avoid the crowds. That holds true for just about everything.

Dead Horse State Park, UT

A view of the Tetons from the Gros Ventre Campground outside of Jackson Hole, WY.

All of these pictures were taken with a cell phone!


No more restorations for me

I’ve enjoyed messing around with these old campers, but it was time for something new.  We’re going to keep our 1956 Shasta, the teardrop trailer and the Alaskan truck camper, but we’ll be spending most of our time in this:


Alaskan camper wheelwell area modified

Here’s a before, during and after look at the modifications that I made to the bottom section of my Alaskan camper so that it would fit into my truck bed.

Curbside: the box is now 3″ thinner than before

lower curbside rearAlaskan curb side bottom

Roadside: the box was completely removed

Alaskan lower left rearAlaskan roadside rearAlaskan road side bottom

I added electrical inlets and outlets, plus moved the water inlet from the overhang along the bedrail to the back of the camper.