Tire balancing beads

I got my tires and rims as a set by mail-order and they arrived ready to install, except that they hadn’t been balanced. The tire places that I have talked to said that they don’t balance trailer tires and that it isn’t necessary. It may not be necessary, but it couldn’t hurt, so I decided to do it myself. I had heard about Centramatic wheel balancers, but I wasn’t sure if they would fit my hub/drums, so I’m going to use ceramic beads. The beads are a little bigger than grains of sand and they pour into the tire through the valve stem. For my 15” tires, I’m using 3 ounces per tire. Here’s a link to a site that will explain everything a whole lot better than I can: http://www.innovativebalancing.com/HowItWorks.htm
This should help keep my campers from getting pounded by wobbly wheels as they roll down the highway.
tire balancing beads